Our Practice

We are a Law firm located in Houston, Minneapolis and Cincinnati, and that is committed to providing prompt, accurate and diligent service to our clients. We offer services to clients in more than 20 states and including all the majors cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Raleigh... making us a truly nationwide firm.

We provide services in bankruptcy†, criminal law‡, corporate law, elderly law, employment law‡, family law‡, immigration, personal injury‡, real estate‡, tax, and wills and trust‡.

† Minnesota ‡ Minnesota and New York



Our Pledge

We undertake to do all things reasonably necessary to protect our client’s rights and interests in connection with their representation.

We are committed to keeping the good of our client as our highest priority.

To keep confidential whatever we learn from our clients and to practice the law to the best of our ability, and judgment.